Musical Background

Nathan’s musical style can be described as pop/rock and spans generational appeal. Nathan grew up loving music and his eyes lit up every time he saw a band performing live. At 10 he began piano lessons and started guitar at 11. By age 12 it was clear that he had a gift from God. He became highly proficient in the guitar and then transcribed his talent to the piano and spent hours practicing. He soon began singing and started writing and composing. By age 14, he recorded his first song, which he wrote, sang, played all instruments and performed called, “Move on Anyways”. Nathan Wagner- “Move On Anyways”.

By 13 he put a few bands together with friends and also started helping with worship in his youth group.

By 15 he recorded, “Kiss Under the Rain” which stole the hearts of local residents and was inspired by his childhood best friend who died from a congenital heart defect qt 9.

He then became the lead singer of several bands of different musical genres and went on to perform at local gigs.

At 17 he released his album on ITunes called, “Beauty of this Life”. This album has 9 songs all completely written, sung and performed by Nathan except for the drums and one guest vocalist on Awkward.

Nathan was homeschooled from 3rd – 8th grade and then attended Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream for most of his high school years. Nathan was asked to perform “Kiss Under the Rain” his senior year before his entire school.

His writing and singing, is equally as strong as his piano and guitar and he soon added drums to his portfolio. He works closely with Ryan McConnaughay, producer of the Chris Fabry show heard on Moody Radio, to do his recordings. Nathan is a veracious writer who daily writes and records. His is currently working on a second album.

In addition to pop/rock, Nathan has written half a dozen 15 piece symphonies which he hopes to have performed some day. His love for music has no boundaries and any chance he gets to perform, sing, play or write, he will take.

Above all this, Nathan has a passion for God that is consuming. Most of his songs have a spiritual implication based on his faith in Christ. His lyrics are filled with hope and promise and are truly inspiration. His songs often leave the audience teary eyed and many listeners have told him his music has inspired to life change.